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How healthy are you really?

How healthy are you really?

I am always surprised at how many times I hear “I am healthy” or “I do eat a healthy diet” then when I dig a little deeper I find out they actually aren’t as healthy as they think.

The standard of which people set for what they deem to be healthy varies considerably from person to person. The trouble with this is you believe you are healthy and are not open to improving your health as you think you’ve got it sorted.

These standards can be contributed to early childhood education on what is considered healthy, knowledge handed down by parents and peers, plus the general confusion of what should be eaten in this day and age to stay healthy.

I remember growing up believing that drinking 2-3 large glasses of cows milk was healthy for my bones, meat & 3 veg was considered a healthy dinner and white bread sandwiches were a healthy lunch option…. we now know now this is not the case.

Each individual has different requirements to stay healthy. Our body and lifestyle choices are truly unique and different as:

  • we come in all different shapes and sizes
  • some lead a sedentary lifestyle and others a crazy busy lifestyle
  • some have a slow metabolism and others a fast one
  • some have allergies/intolerances and others can eat anything
  • some get every cold/flu going around and others have the stomach of an ox!

Not only is our body truly unique but it also gives us many unique telltale signs on how we are going health wise.

The below infographic is about helping you to identify those telltale signs for yourself as well as provide a guide on what foods you should eat most and what unhealthy habits to start reducing from your life.

how healthy are you reallyCopyright Healthy Eating Australia

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  1. Great chart! So few people think abou their tounge when it comes to health and the role it plays overall. There’s so many more indicators of health than just the scales!

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