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Welcome to the Healthy Eating Australia website! My name is Louise, I’m a qualified Nutritionist and the founder of Healthy Eating Australia which started back in 2007. I started this website with one goal in mind; to empower Australians in taking control of their health so they can lead a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Who am I? I’m just like you, someone who is motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle! I wasn’t always healthy, going back a decade I had poor eating habits and suffered with fatigue, chronic stomach pains and had IBS. It wasn’t until I began studying nutritional medicine and took action by changing my eating habits that all those health problems went away. Since then I developed a strong passion for making healthy eating easy and empowering others to lead a healthier lifestyle which is how Healthy Eating Australia came about.

Why we do what we do 

Healthy Eating Australia is about making healthy eating easy and is driven to reverse the obesity & food related disease epidemic in Australia by inspiring, motivating and empowering individuals to create new eating habits that have them achieve their ideal weight, have boundless vibrant energy, increased self esteem/confidence and naturally inspire others for change.

How will Healthy Eating Australia help you lead a healthier lifestyle? 

Healthy Eating Australia will provide you with the education, tools, inspiration and resources to help you lead a healthier life. The dietary recommendations are based on the Healthy Eating Plate developed by nutrition experts at Harvard Public School of Health. Why Harvard? The Healthy Eating Plate summarises the best evidence-based dietary information available today and gets continually updated with new findings as nutrition researchers discovered additional valuable information. Their plate is based on sound nutrition research and has not been influenced by food industry lobbyists.

On that note, explore the website! I have developed a free cookbook for you to download which contains quick & easy to make recipes with ingredients that are easy to find. There are more quick & easy recipes in the recipes section to try also.

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