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Healthy Recipe Cooking

Healthy recipe cooking make easy

Right now we have access to more healthy eating recipes, food blogs, cookbooks and cooking shows than we know what to do with! The results from the 2014 Healthy Eating Survey showed that despite what is already out there you’d like more healthy eating recipes (your wish has been granted!). What troubled me though was I also found there was an increasing number of people who struggle with cooking, making having access to more recipes pointless.

Healthy eating can be reasonably simple when you have the tools, knowledge and know how, it all begins with healthy recipe cooking 101. It may look to be complex but is quite easy once you know the basics.

I am not a master chief and am far from being a brilliant cook but I do know a bit about healthy recipe cooking from years of practice which has enabled me to put together quick and tasty recipes. Here I will be sharing with you how to get started in the art of healthy eating cooking.

Step 1: Equipping your Kitchen

First things first is getting the right tools for the job! Below is a list of items you will use on a regular basis with healthy recipe cooking:

  • Chopping Board (medium sized)
  • A good knife!
  • Set of kitchen utensils (wooden spoon, tongs serving spoon etc..)
  • Grater
  • Set of microwave proof bowls in different sizes with lids
  • Set of microwave proof containers (lunch size)
  • Few ramekins
  • Baking tray
  • Baking dishes (medium & large)
  • Blender
  • Juicer
  • Beater
  • Food Processor

Step 2: Equipping your Pantry

There are a few staple foods that you’ll use regularly, here is a list to give you a good start:

  • Cold pressed olive oil
  • Sea salt & grinder (Pink Himalayan is best)
  • Black pepper & grinder
  • Herbamare (seasoning)
  • Tamari (similar to soy sauce)
  • Spices: tumeric, cumin, cayenne pepper, rosemary
  • Canned: cannelloni beans, chick peas, kidney beans
  • Wholegrains: cous cous, quinoa, amaranth
  • Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, Rice Noodles
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, pine nuts

Step 3: Equipping your Fridge

When healthy recipe cooking on a regular basis you’ll find yourself regularly buying the following:

  • Nuttelex (vs. butter)
  • Sprouted grain / gluten free bread
  • Nut milks (almond, rice, oats etc…)
  • Onion, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger
  • Lemons & Limes
  • Array of vegetables
  • Array of fruit

Step 4: Education

There are many step-by-step youtube videos out there on how to do certain things from boiling rice to cooking an egg to cutting vegetables. I highly recommend spending some time watching these youtube videos. You could also request the assistance from friends and family members. Once you have these skills you have them for life, there is no unlearning here.

Step 5: Starting with easy recipes

When you are starting out it’s important to start with simple & easy recipes, once you have mastered these move onto the more complex recipes.

Here are some easy recipes to get you started:

Healthy Breakfast Recipes
Fruit Muesli Sundae
Avocado on Toast
Traditional Fruit Salad

Healthy Lunch Recipes
Leafy green salad with Tofu (substitute with chicken/beef)
Chicken Salad Wrap (add tofu, chicken or beef)
Refreshing Summer Salad

Healthy Dinner Recipes
Potato, Zucchini and Bean Stew
Wholemeal Mexican Wraps
Stir Fry Vegetables with Brown Rice (add tofu, chicken or beef)

Healthy Snack Recipes
Guacamole with Corn Chips
Rice Cakes with Tuna and Salad
On the Go Trail Mix

Now you know how to set up your kitchen with the necessary tools, fill your pantry and fridge full of the ingredients to do healthy recipe cooking and have 12 easy to make recipes your next step is to start cooking! Start by putting together a weekly meal plan of what you plan to eat and from here you’ll know what ingredients to add to your shopping list.


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